COnsulting and commisioning

We have developed a relationship with our clients whereby we invite them into our world so we can help them make their design goals come true.  While we are constantly developing new finishes and styles, often our clients have needs that are specific to their project.  It could be that we need to modify something from our product line, or we need to sit down with them and determine best uses for owner supplied materials, site reclaimed materials, or a finish combination that either does not exist, or they don't have someone to collaborate with to make it exist.

If you wish to engage us for consultation work, please reach out to Stephen at to learn more.  We can simply provide knowledge based samples and solutions for use by other contractors, or we can establish a specification whereby our product, or a custom version of our product, is spec'd into the construction drawings themselves.  It's not unusual for our involvement in a project to begin during the design development stage.  We want to spark your imagination and make you a part of a creative team that will make the effort to produce to the highest standards possible.

To give a little insight as to how are approaching the discussion regarding scope and associated pricing, here's a little information on how things typically work.

Step 1

Basic concept and budget: On the contacts page you’ll find a form with some questions. If you need a place to start putting parameters on the project, this form will help. If you already have the information requested on the inquiry form, such as drawings or samples, you can send them to Drawings and concepts from clients remain confidential.

Step 2

Refine the concept and specs, then finalize the budget this way: Once a ballpark figure is settled, we further develop the concept. Additional research will help fine tune the estimate. Your feedback will help determine how best to help you achieve your functional and design needs.

Step 3

Contract phase:  At this stage production of shop drawings and samples is begun. See the terms and conditions for more information on this.

Step 4

Build Phase: Materials are acquired, shop space is allotted  and tools are readied. We build and finish thru completion. During this phase, clients are welcome to visit and review their project. 

Step 5

Delivery and or Installation.