Though we are primarily woodworkers, we enjoy working with other trades and incorporating diverse materials into our projects.  


These are the trees native to the Appalachian Range and the plains of the rivers that flow from them. 99% of all the material you encounter in our bins and shelves are native to the eastern U.S.

Current favorite solid wood species:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Antique Heart Pine
  • Ash
  • Ambrosia Maple
  • Quarter-Sawn Walnut


You’ve heard the stories of old logs being pulled from rivers or lakes and old buildings stripped for their materials. Reclaimed materials are unique because in many cases the trees that yielded this lumber grew in old, healthy forests. The growth rings are tighter, the wood is denser, and more beautiful than similar lumber today.


Perhaps the ultimate in eco friendly woodworking, urban timber is born of logs redirected from the landfill to a sawmill. With science and skill this material can become viable lumber. Urban timber tends to be a grassroots effort. By partnering with tree services, developers, and micro lumber mills we are able to utilize custom cuts of this material in many of our projects. Where possible, I note whether a piece is urban timber and where the tree came from.


We love to mix materials such as glass & steel into the our wood projects. Please don't hesitate to ask if you've got an interesting combination in mind.  Be sure to look through the galleries and check out how we've incorporated diverse materials and talents in the past.