our ethos

We want to save the world one piece at a time.  We use species native to the eastern United States, domestic plywoods and finishes.  



We're curious, we're nerds, we're gregarious.  Furniture is a combination of art and craft, the artisan.  We want to share our knowledge and passion for design and craftsmanship with you.    Through our creations we are immortal, we can create order, we can express ourselves.  Most of all, we can have fun.  Curiosity drives us, laughter is fulfilling, a shared experience warms our soul.  

Caroline Petters photo SE tape measure and lumber.jpg


We work with our clients to create a bridge between their vision and our workbench.  Our products are the result of years of curiosity and daydreaming, and having a large workshop and a really well equipped spray booth to help us make dreams come true.



We design and build furniture for commercial applications.  Commercial work give us a larger lens, a scale which spreads our experience to as many users as possible.