Digital Samples

We're working on getting a digital library of finishes together.  Popwood and our other wood finishes are open to some interpretation.  We want you to be able to have some say in the finishing process, we understand this isn't a one size fits all world.

Creating an easy to understand chart of products is essential.  Our first priority is our feature wall, wood wall material.  As finishers who are also skilled woodworkers, we're looking at wood from a slightly skewed angle.  For us, the finish isn't the end of the project, it's the beginning.  In some cases we fabricate with finished material for better joinery, clean-up, and especially finish prep quality.  I must understand that your feedback is important.  If you have suggestions on the website, or questions about the material, drop a line and let us know.  Also, get on our mailing list for the digital sample sets.  We're not heavy emailers, but notifications are the easiest way for us to keep the word moving.  If you want more news and goings on, Instagram is our most active social media channel, check us out @peglegstudio.

Back to the topic at samples.  Photography of a number of samples is being created, sets are being planned for the distribution among clients nationwide.  It's exciting to see the level of interest in our product, Popwood being the most popular at the moment.  Going forward I can't wait to share some of the latest creations to roll out of the finish room.

Introducing Pegleg Studio!

PARDON OUR WEBSITE WORK!  Check out the social media channels...they're always under development and will be the most current source of work for the next two weeks.

We're proud to announce the launch of Pegleg Studio.  We've brought together the talents of not only woodworkers and designers, but businessmen, analysts, and managers.  For many years Ryan and I have been experimenting with woodworking and flexing this experimentation through countless custom projects.  Not only have we had the honor to work with many craftsmen, architects, and interior designers...we've been able to learn more about ourselves, or talents, likes...and team environment that is born of collaborating with others.

Pegleg Studio takes these many years of custom work and experience and filters it down into the very best of our careers, talents, and creativity.