Wood Finishes

We work in a variety of woods and finishes. Here are some of our favorites.


Pop Art in wood grain.  Choose a color for the grain and a color for the face grain.  Any combination is possible.  We've developed a special process whereby we can make colors extremely lightfast and durable, even in applications such as cafe tops.  These finishes are available as conversion varnish, lacquer, and even a water-based and fire retardant option.


Finishes in cracks and along the edge of panels is called Edgewood finish. It's a way to take something rustic and and make it clean and modern.  Even the most blown out woods can become a candidate for a modern interpretation without giving up the organic character in the process.  


Using finish to isolate a material, or to accent other elements in a space, underwood is fun to play with.  Any color available just send us the code.


Wood with a clear coat finish is the most common finish we do. Maybe we need to tweak the color or maybe we apply a different sheen. The appearance of rich grain and the beauty of the natural wood is the goal.


Sometimes the wood itself is perfect.  Watching wood age is a fun process to experience, if you don't have the time to wait we can look into reclaimed materials, textured finishes, and wood species that can walk the line between no finish and aging gracefully.  

Whatever Wood

This is simply put, a harlequin approach to woodworking.  We'll mash up different species and finishes.  We know what works, and what doesn't.  It's one thing to mix up wood species in a piece, it's another to make sure they all play well together as each species breathes and ages in it's own unique way.  This is a concept that we're still playing with, look for some photos of this work right before Thanksgiving.