Feature walls, accent walls, wood walls...what are your options?  Below are some of our favorite themes.  Keep in mind...w're working hard to bring more products to market.  Our work with finishes and finish development is far more developed than this website.  We're releasing new products throughout the remainder of the year and will be making a digital library available by December 1st.  If you're interested in receiving a sample kit, or have any questions regarding current products or future releases feel free to contact us.

What is this?  It's wood for your walls.  installed in a manner very similar to flooring....and similar preparation is called for.  We'll issue specs to assist with installation and maintenance ASAP.  

How to order?  There's a few steps involved.  This product is semi-customizable so you can bend and color it to suit your project needs.  Refer to our finishes chart to see what is available for each product type.

  • Step 1: Pick a finish type, color and sheen.
  • Step 2: Pick a topcoat type.
  • Step 3: Pick a surface finish.
  • Step 4: Pick a profile.
  • Step 5: Pick a face width.

Finish Type: See product descriptions below.

Topcoat Types:

  • Standard Commercial: UV stable Conversion Varnish.  Excellent durability available in a wide assortment of sheens.
  • Lacquer.  Excellent durability, though a little less light stable than the Conversion Varnish. 
  • Water-Based.  Our eco-friendly option.  
  • Oil Based (Flat Oak only).
  • Fire Retardent.

Surface Finish

  • Clean Faced
  • Dirty Faced
  • Skipdressed
  • Wire Brushed Light Texture
  • Wire Brushed Medium Texture
  • Wire Brushed Heavy Texture


  • Tongue and Groove Standard
  • Tongue and Groove with long tongue.

Face Width:  Each product and profile has a unique set of parameters regarding finished face widths, please refer to predict descriptions below.  Typically, our products range from 5" - 7" face widths.



Popwood is fun.  Pure and simple, fun.  It's also durable, versatile, and available in a variety of options.  

Cerused Oak

Cerused Oak has proven to be very popular.  Well....for a small business it's popular.  It's not so popular that it's a 'trend'.  We'd have to sell a lot more than what we've sold so far, but what we have sold has been used by ace designers in ace projects.

Character Walnut

Walnut, pure and simple.  Character grade makes for a mixed batch of color, figure, and character.  In all cases the beauty of walnut stands out for it's finest qualities.

Silver Cypress:  INFORMATION RELEASE DEcember 1st:

Silver Cypress is a hardwood siding with a soft metallic lustre.  Face widths vary wildly in this product, anywhere from 5" thru 7".

Flat Oak Siding:  Released December 2nd.

Pop Walnut: Released December 15th.