Here are some tips for install and maintenance.  Also...additional information on the materials we use and what you can expect from them.  Did I forget to mention warranty?  We'll discuss that as well.  If you don't find what you're looking for, send an email or give a call.  Find out how at our CONTACT page.


We focus our efforts on the use of appalachian species only.  Primarily we are using oak, ash, walnut, soft maple, and southern yellow pine.  FSC, Urban Timber, and Antique/Reclaimed species are available as noted.  Generally, we do not offer FSC as our Typical material due to expense, however we are more than happy to provide pricing for this option.

Topcoat Types:

  • Conversion Varnish: UV stable standard commercial finish.  Excellent durability available in a wide assortment of sheens.  MSDS available on request.
  • Lacquer.  Excellent durability, though a little less light stable than the Conversion Varnish.  Commonly used in furniture and residential where the durability of conversion varnish isn't needed.  It's also a little cheaper.  MSDS available on request.
  • Water-Based.  Our eco-friendly option.  Non-Toxic, low VOC.  
  • Oil Based (Flat Wash finishes only).  
  • Fire Retardant.  If you're project calls for a fire rated finish we provide these in our Waterbased and Flat Wash finishes.


Our surface finishes are sanded to a minimum of 150 grit, and/or wire brushed to a light, medium, or heavy texture.  We do not recommend heavy texture for conference, communal, or market tables.  Heavy texture is an excellent choice for walls and decorative elements in architectural interiors and feature walls.  

Face Width:  

Each product and profile has a unique set of parameters regarding finished face widths, please refer to product descriptions on the OPTIONs page.  Typically, our products range from 5" - 7" for the finished face, with additional width for the tongue and groove.  You can mix widths in an order if you so desire.


Installation is similar to that of flooring.  We suggest using a plywood substrate of at least 1/2" thickness as an underlayment.  Please check with local building codes to ensure whether you should use fire-rated plywood or standard.  Where butt-joints are called for we recommend the use of biscuit or domino joints to ensure a co-planer and stable installation.  Adhesive is recommended as needed for site conditions.  We do not recommend the use of adhesive alone to install solid wood siding.  


Our product is easily maintained with dusting with a lightly dampened cloth as needed.  We do not recommend using abrasives or strong industrial cleaners.  Particulars for each finish type are noted below.


Our warranty is limited to the material only.  Finish topcoat warranties please refer to the applicable MSDS, we cannot warranty a finish beyond that specified by the manufacturer.  Excessive UV, humidity, improper installation, or improper maintenance will void our warranty.